Lavender: the Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils

During my last essential oils class, there was a lady in the front row that did not want to smell any of the oils. Before passing each oil onto the next person, she covered her hand with a napkin and said to me, “I’m sensitive to smells.”

A few days later, the same lady approached me and asked, “What was that one oil that I smelled before the class started? When I got home, I didn’t feel no pain!” I wasn’t sure which oil she was referring to, but I gave her a sample of lavender oil to try. A few days later, she bought a bottle of lavender oil and a diffuser-the lavender provided pain relief because it helped her to relax!

With the chemical components of linalyl acetate and linalool, lavender essential oil is widely known for its ability to calm emotions. It is also wonderful for the skin; it is useful to apply on burns, sunburns, cuts, hives and other skin imperfections. I rubbed it on my daughter’s legs when she broke out in hives. I also combined lavender with melaleuca, frankincense and coconut oil to make an effective “Owie Spray” that smells like sweet flowers!

Have you tried lavender oil, the “Swiss Army Knife of essential oils”?

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11 thoughts on “Lavender: the Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils

  1. I love how you called lavender the Swiss Army Knife of EO’s. Yes! That’s it exactly. It’s not my favorite scent. My all time favorite is frankincense, but I still keep lavender because oh my, soooo many uses.
    Loved your post!

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  2. Lavender essential oil is amazing…I love it, it helps with my panic attacks like nothing else has and helps to get off to sleep every night too😊


  3. I never cared too much for lavender but it does mix well with many other oils, I have just discovered how much I love diffusing it with lemon grass!


  4. I never really liked the smell either, but I love using it for other things. Lavender and lemongrass are an interesting combo—I should try that!


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