Apple Cider Vinegar for Amazing Health

Whenever the skin on my hands becomes overly dry and irritated, I can tell that my gut needs a little help. In addition to increasing my water intake, I have started drinking apple cider vinegar again. I drink one tablespoon of Bragg apple cider vinegar—organic, raw, and made with “mother” enzymes”—in one cup of water before breakfast and lunch. Apple Cider Vinegar has many amazing uses—below are three of my favorites!

Bacteria Killer

In the time of Hippocrates and The Old Testament, apple cider vinegar and honey were used to fight infection and to clean skin wounds. According to one clinical study, apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial effects on E-coli, S. aureus, and C. albicans. It can help the body get rid of bad bacteria in the gut. A healthier gut leads to a healthier you!

Diabetes Fighter

Vinegar helps to lower blood glucose in people that have type 2 diabetes or people that are at-risk of developing type 2 diabetes. One study showed that a change in diet and one tablespoon of vinegar twice per day led to a greater decrease in fasting blood glucose than daily rosiglitazone or metformin use.

Weight Loss Helper

In one study, researchers concluded that apple cider vinegar reduced the risk of obesity in rats. In another study that lasted for 12 weeks, obese human subjects that consumed 15 mL or 30 mL of vinegar had significantly lower weight, body mass index, visceral fat, waist circumference, and triglyceride levels than subjects that did not consume vinegar.

Before you decide to consume apple cider vinegar, you might want to consult with your healthcare professional. Also, be sure to dilute it in water and do not overdo it. Over-consumption can lead to stomach upset, erosion of the enamel of your teeth, a decrease in your potassium level, and other unwanted effects.

What do you think of this natural remedy?

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33 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar for Amazing Health

  1. Hi Tiffany! What a wonderful blog you have here – with so much good advice, wise and inspiring thoughts, and great humour! 🙂 🙂 I think I will try your apple cider recipe – I even have some at home already! 😉
    Wishing you strong health, good mood, and much love! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. Hi Tiffany, I use beets with cider vinegar which is also very good for our health. And I make a nonalcoholic drink differently every time I make a batch, but it has at least 17 or so spices I collect from various resources and several juices from fresh fruits. The last time I made some bottles of it, I used part of the beets I have been cooking in vinegar and leaving them a bit al dente. So satisfying to drink, and it is a definite health pick-up. I can’t tell you exactly what I put into it as I make it with whatever spices, etc. I have on hand at the time, and I go to various different cultural stores (i.e. Spanish, Arab, Oriental, etc. – whatever I find wherever I am when I go spice hunting. I have a huge bag of herbs that I have collected for not too much money, and it is so enjoyable to experiment with what I find. They sure can make a lot of things better (i.e. colds or flu, constipation, etc. and I have not had a UTI since I began to make my health drink. I got the idea because there used to be a group of monks I believe in Northern California who made a spiced drink yearly around Christmas and you could buy the drink. It was totally nonalcoholic and absolutely delicious and made me feel better too. Anyway, I would love to eat healthy foods all the time. I have a significant other for whom I am his caregiver, and he does not eat at all like me. It is difficult to get him to eat vegetables at all, and he has plates that don’t work for him, so he cannot chew everything. Nonetheless, I get in as much good healthy food and drink as I can for my own self. Thank you kindly. Anne

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  3. Thanks, Anne! That drink sounds really great. That must be difficult with your significant other. I am glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself.


  4. I have heard a lot about Apple cider vinegar, including clearing acne spots, looking forward to buying it in my next shopping.Thank you.


  5. Loved this informative post! I can’t drink apple cider vinegar as a shot anymore as I started to realize that it was giving me an immediate migraine afterwards. Strange right? Now I take apple cider capsules.


  6. I love to use apple cider vinegar when making my herbal tinctures. Gives you the benefits of the herb as well as the vinegar!


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