I Am My Own Lab Rat: The Lab Rat Discovers Fish Oil

I’m a Registered Nurse and was taught that regular use of health supplements is usually unnecessary and potentially dangerous. For this short blog post, I am not going to cite a slew of research articles that confirm or negate this view. I am simply going to share my experience with you. It turned me into a regular user of health supplements!

In 2014, I started having strange symptoms in my hand and foot. I would bend my thumb and it would lock into place for about half a minute. Around the same time, the same symptom occurred on my foot while I was driving. Luckily, I was only a block away from home! After this, I started to have tightness in my entire hand which led to pain in my hand. After about a week, my hand became so tight that I could barely write with it. My doctor tested me for an electrolyte imbalance and found everything to be normal. Instead of undergoing more testing, I decided to do some research on my own. This research let to my discovery of fish oil. I started taking fish oil and all my symptoms were gone within a week! I started taking fish oil in 2014 and have not had the same issues since then.

What is your view on health supplements? E-mail me at contact@inspirationforwellness.com for high-quality supplements!

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This post was originally posted on December 6, 2018; it was updated on September 26, 2019.

14 thoughts on “I Am My Own Lab Rat: The Lab Rat Discovers Fish Oil

  1. I have also had success with fish oil. It helps my chronic dry eye; however, it makes my stomach upset. Therefore, I switched to Flaxseed oil a few years ago and had the same beneficial results. Best of luck to you!


  2. I take supplements but don’t currently take fish oil. I have it in my cupboard but I don’t consume it on a regular basis. I find that drinking enough water helps with joint pain. Whenever I have achy, creaky bones, I increase my water intake for a few days. The symptoms usually disappear. I also do Pilates with helps with my joints and flexibility.

    I didn’t know you are a registered nurse. That’s really cool! I’m studying to become a RN but have had some setbacks along the way. I plan to finish this degree. With my first degree in bio, I ended up minoring in NANS (nutrition and neutraceutical sciences) There are definitely benefits to taking fish oil and I’m happy that you found some relief by taking this supplement.


  3. I thought I wanted to be a peds nurse, but the peds NI gave me a terrible time last term. After that nightmare, I don’t want to do pediatrics again, unless they place me in peds during undergrad. I think I rather do orthopedics or work in the hospital with adult patients, or geriatrics. I haven’t been to a mental health facility so unless I’m placed there and I happen to like it, I don’t see myself being a psych nurse either.


  4. My issue was that the nursing instructor (NI) wouldn’t let me past the basic assessments. She wouldn’t let me prepare meds or do any of the tasks I was supposed to do either. She kept telling me that I “failed” regardless of what I did and would lecture me for 2 hours afterwards, thus putting me further and further behind. I never had this issue with my previous NI for the first half of the semester who said I was doing a good job! The peds NI however, shattered me… I ended up in a very deep depression after last term but I’m off the antidepressant now.

    Seeing sick kids was tough, yes, but I was able to handle that part. My daughter goes to this hospital often for surgery and sometimes the students from my school assess her. She’s got a condition called FEVR.


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