Natural Medicine vs. Modern Medicine

A couple of weeks ago, I had a really high fever and chills. It was sweltering hot outside and I was burrowed under my comforter—I was also wearing a sweatshirt. My six-year old came to my rescue! She brought me water, ice, and helped me take care of the baby.

That night, after trying some natural remedies, I finally broke down and took some synthetic medication. Two hours later, I felt much better and started to throw off my sweatshirt and blanket. This is probably not a big deal to you, but it is to me! I am a fan of all things natural, and hardly ever take any drugs (you might find this ironic since I am a nurse and I work in the pharmaceutical industry). But this time around, my symptoms were concerning enough for me to want to take them—I also wanted to avoid going to the hospital.

This whole incident made me think about how my perspective on modern medicine has changed over the years—it made me think about how my confidence in natural health became so strong that I was about to chuck modern medicine out the window. Thankfully, this incident taught me that modern medicine can and does help people—it taught me to appreciate the value of modern medicine!

Do you lean towards natural medicine or modern medicine?

34 thoughts on “Natural Medicine vs. Modern Medicine

  1. I lean more toward natural. I try to ride the waves without synthetic medicine UNLESS, like you, I absolutely need it. Medicine is a great thing, and it certainly has improved. I’ve heard that the Amish community do not rely on medicine whatsoever. Which is a little concerning…but to each their own.
    Great post! It definitely got me thinkin’

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  2. There is no question that the pharmaceutical industry is motivated by profit at least as much as by a desire to improve the human condition. In a world where many feel alienated, a return to “natural” medicine holds great appeal. However, a large number of pharmaceuticals have natural origins. And far too many remedies that claim to be “natural” are unregulated. Their dosage will vary. Their side effects are not always disclosed. And they may contain dangerous contaminants b/c they are not produced under controlled circumstances. Best wishes, A.

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  3. The difference is the time, obviously. Natural medicine takes more time to fix the problem, but it sorts it out for longer and without or with minimal number, of side effects. Modern medicines are quick fixes, but with large amount of possible side effects. The more you take, the more you need.

    People of today have no patience for a few weeks course of herbal treatment; they want the solution to their problem and they want it now.
    Personally, I managed to replace this little pharmacy medicines I had been occasionally using, with essential oils.


  4. I learn towards herbal medicine! Using lots of herbals teas, water and oranges when I’ve got a cold. I think modern medicine should be the last option 💞


  5. Also this is a great post! It’s refreshing seeing people enlighten others on the importance of herbal medicine ☺️


  6. I have been blessed with a pretty strong genetic code, and I try to follow a healthy lifestyle. When I take any over-the-counter medication, I have to be in “rough” shape.


  7. I am the same way! I am a pharmacist and I avoid drugs for the most part. I almost always try herbal and non-medication treatments first. It just all depends on the problem and it’s important to ask questions. Glad you had a good result. Not all medications are bed xD it’s incredible what they can do sometimes!!


  8. I use it all. Because I was raised by an M.D. I grew up only using allopathic medicine. But after a lot of changes in my life, and living far from where I was raised, my primary doc is now a naturopath. Along the way I was introduced to Energy Healing, and use several different modalities as well.


  9. Great Post! what is it like being a nurse? It must be amazing to spend so much clinical time with patients; learning their stories and interacting with them. What’s the biggest distinction between medicine and nursing? I have a blog that’s based on medical book reviews if you’re interested.


  10. Hi, Ferdous! It was difficult being a nurse–I still have my nursing license, but I work primarily in clinical research now. It was great care for patients as a nurse. However, it was frustrating because I was not able to give every patient the time and attention that they needed. As far as medicine and nursing is concerned, nurses provide holistic care. Doctors primarily focus on diagnosing patients and prescribing medications/treatments. Nurses are not trained to diagnose diseases unless they have a Master’s degree. Thanks so much for reading. I want to check out your blog as well when I have a chance!


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